Funeral For A Friend

It’s sad to read today that the post hardcore band Funeral For A Friend are calling it a day. I first saw & got into the band when they supported Iron Maiden in Birmingham in 2003. I have the first four albums of which Hours is my favourite. I got to see them in 2013 at the Cavern in Exeter, which was an awesome gig. I wish all the guys in the band a great future & hope they continue to make music



Guns n’ Roses

I love Appetite for Destruction, it’s in my top ten albums of all time but after making this great album I think that Guns n’ Roses went on to waste their talent. I think most of this is down to Axl Rose & his detachment from reality. Guns n’ Roses could now be one of the greatest bands or even the greatest band of all time. This is one of those times when the yes men around the band should of grown some balls and told Axl this is a crap idea. I not sure what the point of Lies was but who ever came up with idea for the two Use Your Illusion albums should be locked away for ever. They should have taken the best 10 songs from the 30 that were released & I think we would have had another Appetite for Destruction & by now we could have had another 8 albums by the original band. This is what happens when fame goes to someones head. It would be interesting to see what people think the 10 song should have been on the that “second album”



If you’re into Black Metal or any other metal for that matter check out this band I have recently got into them & they are Winterfylleth. They are a British band & have just won best underground band at Metal Hammer’s Golden Gods awards. Thier name comes from the old English for October & so far they have 4 albums out. For more information go to


Van Halen

I love Van Halen & their first four albums are some of the greatest hard rock / heavy metal albums ever made. I was lucky enough to had gone to see them on their first three headlining tours of the UK all at the Rainbow Theatre in north London in 78, 79 & 80. So it saddens me to see the comments made by Eddie about other members of the band past & present. I’m not going to go into the things that he has said but just that I have lost any respect I had for him with the comments he has made about Michael Anthony. If Eddie thinks that the fans believe what he is saying then he is a fool, so sad


Never Again

I can be a bit anal & I’m this very much so with my music. My album collection is numbered and I listen to them in sequence with a free choice inbetween (stop laughing, I can’t help it). It means that all my albums will be listened too & I don’t just listen to a few albums & nothing else but the other day I noticed that in 2 albums time the next one would be Start Something by Lostprophets. It’s the only Lostprophets album I have & they were a good band but not one that I got excited about. I started to think about should I listen to this album or just throw it away. The vocalist turned out to be truly evil so by listening to the album am I saying that it doesn’t matter. I’m sure that I have albums by artists & band that I wouldn’t like but that doesn’t mean their music is crap, the art is important not the artist. In the end I listened to it because he was only one of six & the others should not suffer because of him & I wish them well with their new band No Devotion. In the end I found it impossible to listen without thinking about him & the evil things that he has done & I will never listen to that album again.